Quick [Nargisi] Kofte w/o Gravy

A lot of meals for our family of 2 feature some grilled meat or tofu, with a side of baked veggies. The idea for one of us to eat clean and healthy is really about complimenting a daily gym routine, but for me, it’s about getting ahead of arthritis and a whole host of auto… Continue reading Quick [Nargisi] Kofte w/o Gravy


I’ve always been a huge fan of South Indian food, and often go out of the way to find it. In the U.S., most Indian food takes the form of oily gravy dishes served with huge naans. You could call this Mughalai cuisine, but all it does is induce tummy aches. Sadly, there are days that you just have to gorge at greasy desi buffets and stuff your face with too-red tandoori chicken, manchurian and rogan ghost.

Ever so often, a dosa joint opens and I spend weeks convincing (read-begging) friends to come with me.

But upon my triumphant return to the motherland (i.e. India), and in particular, Chennai – I’ve done away with convincing, searching, and needlessly dreaming about South Indian food – especially fluffy, melty Idlis.

Although there is no dearth of options, and I do eat roadside ₹10 ildlis with scary regularity, my favourite in this city is definitely the Murugan Idli Shop. Why? Well, aside from having a desirable texture, it’s the only place you can peacefully eat one idli at a time. Without having your idli drowned I sambar or chutney. Or if gluttony strikes (and it usually does), you can eat dosas, vadas, puri, pongal and other dishes I can’t spell.

And after writing this post, all I can do is walk myself to the idli shop and chow down!