Om Made Cafe

I’ll be singing praise of Om Made Cafe in Bangalore, until the day I leave India.

The first time I came here, my friends and I sat and ate for 5 hours, without so much as getting a dirty look from the owners. The second time, I came with my partner, and had a relaxed mid-day lunch. The third time…you get the picture.

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Weekend in Colombo [Sri Lanka]

I rarely travel just for a few days, and that too without an agenda. But in March, I decided to take an impromptu weekend trip to Columbo. No, I didn’t need time away from #chennai. No, I didn’t need a break from work. No, there was no special occasion.

The real reason is that I needed to get a tan and enjoy time on the beach, in a bathing suit, without being gawked at. Life in Chennai was making me pale and pasty, I was loosing too much weight and starting to look even more non-Indian.

Colombo was the perfect destination – close to home, but far enough away…and you get a stamp and sticker in your passport. The beaches are clean[ish], the humans are very friends, the roads are wide and – Colombo [unexpectedly] is a foodie’s paradise.

I wish I could report on sightseeing or deep sea diving, but the only thing I can talk about from these 3 days is swimming and eating. When the only decision you need to make is pool first or ocean, life is truly amazing. And all the time in the water just makes you hungry. With two good eating companions at my side – we explored a number of joints in Colombo / Mt. Lavinia. Some standout places that I will recommend in a heartbeat – Ministry of Crab [go late afternoon and you’ll get a seat easy-peasy], La Viole Blanche [amazing cocktails], Shore by O [lovely views, breeze and fusion fare] and Buba [best seafood platter, 5 feet away from the water].

On my next visit to this lovely island nation, I aim to see more sights, but for now – I just leave you with delicious memories!