Om Made Cafe

I’ll be singing praise of Om Made Cafe in Bangalore, until the day I leave India.

The first time I came here, my friends and I sat and ate for 5 hours, without so much as getting a dirty look from the owners. The second time, I came with my partner, and had a relaxed mid-day lunch. The third time…you get the picture.

While I lived in Chennai, I made a trip to Om Made on every work trip I took to Bangalore. Now, having relocated to Bangalore, I’m afraid to find out how often I’ll find myself at this place. Added bonus, it’s in the same building as Gold’s Gym.

All the food and drinks I’ve had here have been so on-point, and scrumptious. Even the off beat ones, like the beet burger. or sweet smoothies that have mint and veggies and fruits – all blended to perfection at the perfect consistency to actually drink [not wait to melt, and then consume].

Green papaya salad is my absolutely favorite [pictured above], combined with the ambiance and an abundance of fresh flowers. I’ve eaten quite a few things on the menu [12-13 dishes] and the only disappointing thing that has gone into my mouth ….are the baked goods.

Some people complain about the price or how bland it is, but any restaurant in India, that doesn’t leave me greased-out, feeling tired and tummy-ache’d is on my list.

Here’s to being able to eat out, and still feeling great afterwards!


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