Satisfying Lunches

Living in a country where the standard lunch item seems to be rice or roti [wheat flatbread] in massive quanitities, which put me in a food coma within seconds of eating, I crave simple fresh meals more often. Don’t get me wrong, I love Indian food. All kinds of Indian food. North. South. East. West. Central. And everything in between. My idli cravings are epic. If I could get away with it – I’d eat a podi-dosa for breakfast daily.

But when I’m trying to put in a full day’s work, I really need foods that keep me full and most importantly…awake.

But a salad doesn’t really cut it. And no, I’m not a hugely picky eater,  but  because like a lot of people I actually want to eat warm food, not just cold salad and sandwiches. So this warm salad is a nice compromise on a weekday [especially when I’m working from home] –

– Sautee or bake a dozen shrimp/prawns

– Grab a bowl of mixed greens [lettuce, spinach etc]

– Mix a bit of vinegar and olive oil, with salt and pepper for a quick dressing

– And any other veggies you have on hand, julienned and added to the green.



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