Moving to India…

…and losing all motivation to cook.

After a very comfortable 5 years in Seattle, I decided to make a move to Chennai <India>. Many have asked if the gloomy weather led me to make this decision, but truth-be-told, I was starting to get a little bored of my humdrum life in the Pacific Northwest.

My first 4 months in India were spent cooking/shopping just for sustenance – Rs.10 roadside idlis, fruits, curd-rice, and occasionally some cooked veggies. Most of this cooking happened with a tiny single burner induction stove, 1 crepe pan, 1 wok and a tiny pressure cooker. The best part about the kitchen setup was that everything matched – red cookware. The downside is that without my extensive collection of tools, pots and pans, space…I couldn’t muster up the courage to cook anything that required more than 1 pot and 20 minutes.

But after 7 months, I’m proud to say that I’ve produced some serious masterpieces with very little equipment and a lot of humor.

Stay tuned…

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