On Dog Ownership

Having heard tall tales of how dogs make great companions, how they add to your quality of life…blah blah blah I decided to ‘dog sit’ a friend’s pup for a few days, and test drive dog ownership. After just 3.5 days, it’s safe to say that I have little to no desire to ever own a dog. Let me tell you why – 

*Note – Dog was friendly, clean, well behaved (mostly), didn’t shed much. 

1 – Waking up at 5 am. For some, this might not be a big deal, but I love my sleep and don’t care to be woken to whimpering, whining, and being licked. 

2- Walking in the rain. After you’ve been disturbed, you have to throw on clothes, shoes and a rain jacket to walk the animal for blocks and blocks and blocks, until they find a place they want to crap in/on. 

3 – No Privacy. This pup (read-  2 year old dog) would jump on the bed, the couch, and find it’s head on my lap. This level of contact with an animal proved to be a little too much for me. No trip to the bathroom or the kitchen could be made w/o the company of this dog.

4 – Licking. If there is one thing I hate about animals, it’s the incessant licking. It never stops, leaving the licked with the need for a shower…constantly.

5 – Needing to be home to let out said pet every 6-8 hours. Heading home from a party early for the dog, stacking arrival and departures, so that the dog is let out often. 

Need I say more?

More dogs for dog lovers. I’m quite happy living a life without furry companions. 


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