A few weeks ago, I helped an ex-client (from Neighborhood House), make tamales for a fundraiser to send her daughter for a year of study abroad.

Now…I like to cook, I do it often, follow recipes easily and find few things daunting. And for years, I’ve just avoided making tamales at home because everyone complains about how long it takes, how much work, blah blah blah.

But after making the fundraiser tamales (chicken mole in banana leaves), I decided to give the basic corn husk ones a try at home and just loved how easy and delicious they were.

Here’s my pressure cooker recipe –

Masa – 4 cups masa (Maseca brand), 1 cup oil (or lard, shortening etc), 3-4 cups water, 1 tbsp baking powder

Soaked Corn Husks

Filling – Mole, cheese curds or oxacana string cheese, chile (I buy the canned variety), shredded chicken (60 mts at 325F), veggies (carrots, green beans, corn etc).

How-to guide that I found useful – here.

To cook – I used my old school Indian pressure cooker, without the whistle, for about 18-25 minutes.

Chile y Queso Tamales

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