There is a real sense of pleasure watching people try new ingredients, new ways of combining food, and new cuisines. The apprehension, followed by curiosity and finally a smile, or shrief of delight! (or a rare grimace at something foul tasting)

At a recent event, we brought out Mian Kham – a thai appetizer that uses beetle leaves as a base for a variety of ingredients. Similar to a fresh roll, a variety of ingredients are put into the beetle leaf, rolled up, and eaten in one big bite.

Looking back, the image that’s clear in my mind is that of a Senior Faculty member at Seattle University, shrieking in delight at the explosion of flavors in her mouth. These experiences come my way often through Project Feast’s catering operation, that connects incredible home cooking with foodies in the Seattle area.

As Project Feast grows, so do the log of these incredible images.


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